First Optimal & Productive Dex Aggregator on Pulsechain.

Piteas is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator that provides the latest in swap technology.

By combining multiple DEXs, we provide access to billions of dollars of the most widely used DeFi protocols. Our advanced routing algorithm gives you the best price, lowest slippage, and highest returns.


Integrated Liquidity Sources


Accessible Liquidity Source


Active Liquidity Pools

How it works?

Connect Wallet

Connect to the dApp using your web3 supported wallets such as Metamask

Swap Quote

Determine the tokens and amount you want to swap and receive your output quote.

Get Best Offer

Verify the details of the transaction and confirm its accuracy.

Confirm and Enjoy

Confirm the swap transaction and enjoy the satisfaction of obtaining the best output.

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Protocol Overview

First Optimal & Productive Dex Aggregator

Piteas is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator that provides the latest in swap technology.



Checking Piteas Smart Contracts

You can explore all our smart contracts here as they are openly sourced. Additionally, we have included all the details for your reference.



Piteas Logo and Assets

If you need to review our branding materials, please take a look here.

Token Details

The Utility Token of Piteas

Get more information about the utility token of the Piteas protocol.

PTS on CoinGecko

Piteas Token on CoinGecko

You can find statistics and details about Piteas Token ($PTS), one of the most important protocols in the crypto ecosystem, on Coingecko.

Best Swap Execution

An aggregation information service from the Piteas Labs. Within less than a second, it finds the best trading paths across multiple markets, taking slippage rates into account. Pathfinder operates on Pulsechain network, enabling users to save up to 143% on output amounts.